Today attorneys Ann Bauer and Hallie Van Duren presented at the 2019 Missouri Bar Family Law Conference. The focus of their presentation was on the importance of talking with clients about the different ways in which a family law case may be resolved. Often this is referred to as “process options.” The decision to get divorced, or to go to court for any family law matter, is the first important, life-changing decision. The next and equally as important decision is how to get divorced.

Families look to attorneys for guidance on which process is best, but few family law attorneys are aware of their obligations to clients and potential clients. Missouri Supreme Court Rule 17.02(b) states “counsel shall advise their clients of the availability of alternative dispute resolution programs.”

The attorneys at The Center for Family Law ensure that clients understand their options and how best to proceed for their situation. For more information about your process options, here is a helpful handout.

Ann Bauer Hallie Van Duren