St. Louis Divorce Lawyers

Collaborative Divorce, Mediation or Litigation

Even in the best of circumstances, divorce is a traumatic experience. Recognized as some of the top divorce lawyers in St. Louis, the partners at The Center for Family Law understand how to take the anxiety and uncertainty out of the divorce process. They explain the relative benefits of the various options for ending a marriage and provide clients with the information they need to make well-informed decisions. Our attorneys customize a road map with divorcing clients, helping them understand what is happening at every step of the process. The attorneys assess each situation and counsel clients on whether to pursue a divorce through the collaborative process, mediation or traditional litigation. In this supportive and professional environment, clients may set aside their emotions, set realistic expectations and goals, and craft resolutions that let all involved move forward. We know that the client is the one who must live with the outcome, and clients who are active in the decision-making process achieve the best results.

Our divorce and family law attorneys are dedicated advocates for clients, providing complete representation in all areas related to divorce and legal separation, including:

    • Child custody and child support

    • Alimony/spousal support/maintenance

    • Division of marital property

    • Separate property issues

    • Complex financial matters and business valuations

    • Retirement

    • Name changes

    • Pre- and postnuptial agreements

    • Orders of protection

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