Adoption, Guardianship & Conservatorship

Legal matters involving children account for a large part of the field of family law, and Missouri legal code contains a variety of laws aimed at protecting children and providing for their welfare. The Center for Family Law has St. Louis attorneys who are experienced in the areas of parental rights, adoption, and guardianship.

      Welcoming a child into a family is a joyful occasion, and our attorneys are experienced in the procedure of establishing the legal status of a new parent-child relationship. Our adoption lawyers handle stepparent adoptions and domestic adoptions.
      When a parent is incapacitated, dies or is unwilling or unable to take care of a child, the child may need a guardian. A guardianship confers on the adult the same rights as a parent has over a child including legal rights over the physical custody of the child, the ability to make medical decisions for the child and enroll him or her in school. Our lawyers can lead you through this sometimes confusing legal process.
      A conservatorship allows an individual to take over and protect a child’s financial interests. Our lawyers can explain when setting up a conservatorship makes sense and what must be done under the law to establish one.