Practice Areas


The Center for Family Law has extensive experience in all areas of family law – including mediation, litigation and collaborative divorce. Attorneys also serve as Guardians ad Litem in the St. Louis County and St. Charles County Family Courts. We work closely with clients to understand their unique family situations and help them get past the emotions of the moment so that they can make rational decisions for themselves and their families. As skilled negotiators and litigators, we work to protect clients' interests at every step of the legal process.

        Second-parent adoptions by same-sex couples and stepparent adoptions, as well as grandparent and other family, relative adoptions.

        The firm can provide advice and advocacy on appeals in both state and federal court pertaining to family law.

      Child Custody:
        We represent parents in legal custody, physical custody, relocation, and visitation of children cases.

      Child Support:
        We can help calculate child support, which includes analyzing income and evaluating the expenses for the children. Private school or college tuition costs will be addressed.

      Divorce and Legal Separation:
        We provide representation through all stages of the divorce or legal separation process. We handle contested and uncontested cases and will guide you through issues pertaining to maintenance, spousal support, division of property in complex and high net worth matters, separate property, business valuations, retirement, prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, and name changes.

      Enforcement of Judgments:
        Garnishments, lien attachments, and motions for contempt may be involved in an enforcement of judgment action.

      Estate Planning:
        We can draft and review your estate planning documents, including wills, trusts, health care directives, and power of attorneys.

      Guardian ad Litem:
        Majority of the attorneys are trained as a Guardian ad Litem, an attorney appointed by the court to represent the best interests of a child involved in a family law case.

      Guardianships and Conservatorships:
        We assist parties wishing to obtain a guardianship or conservatorship of an adult or minor, and represent those individuals wishing to defend against one.

      Modification of Judgments:
        Orders for child support, child custody, and maintenance may be modified. A change in circumstances such as a job loss or the need to move may trigger a modification of a judgment of child support. As children age, it may be necessary to reassess prior custody and visitation agreements, or prepare for payment of college costs.

      Name Change & Gender Marker Change:
        We help with name changes for adults and minors. In addition, we can help transgender clients change the gender marker on your birth certificate.

      Parenting Coordination:
        A Parenting Coordinator can be appointed by agreement to help resolve parenting disputes. Attorneys at the Firm are trained as Parenting Coordinators to help.

        We assist clients in contested and uncontested paternity matters, which includes entering orders for child custody and child support in addition to establishing paternity.

      Prenuptial and Postnuptial Agreement:
        We represent clients in the preparation and review of premarital and post-marital agreements which may be desired to protect assets or income.

      Protection Orders:
        Whether you are the filing party seeking protection or defending against an order of protection filed by someone else, we are here to help.

      Third-Party Custody:
        The role of parent is not limited to biological mothers and fathers. If you are a grandparent or step-parent seeking time with a child, we can help you.