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"Allison excels in her responsibilities as a family law attorney. In the unfortunate experience of divorce, child custody and guardianship battles, the client is often overwhelmed, emotional and distressed. Allison is consistently patient, level-headed and able to explain the legal proceedings to those of us who cannot see past the heightened emotions we possess. Allison brings personal experience to the field; she is passionate in practicing fair and ethical law. I've seen her go up against some of her colleagues who have more tenure, and therefore ego, and she always holds her own. More over, she is a person of integrity and substance, a true asset to The Center for Family Law."

-Laura, divorce client

Focused on Your Future through a Client-Centered Approach to Family Law Matters

At The Center for Family Law, we believe the job of a lawyer is to partner with clients, help them understand their options, and give them the information and confidence they need to make well-informed decisions. Whether you are considering a prenuptial agreement, going through a divorce or writing a will, we understand that legal decisions affect lives over the course of many years.

A client-centered approach means that:

  • We take the time to educate clients about the legal process in a calm, caring environment.
  • If a client needs help handling stress, anger, or sadness, we help him or her find a therapist or counselor.
  • When a client needs assistance with financial planning, we can provide a referral to a qualified financial advice.

Attorneys at The Center for Family Law have years of experience helping clients make legal decisions. During that time, attorneys at our firm have received the AV rating from Martindale Hubbell, the highest honor an attorney can receive for professionalism and ethics. All have served, in various capacities, with legal, governmental and community organizations dedicated to the welfare of families and children. Because of our experience, we are uniquely suited to partner with our clients to resolve legal issues.

Progressive and dedicated, The Center for Family Law attorneys continue to lead the way in the practice of law. As the definition of family law has evolved, so, too, has our practice.