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Kate Stapleton - Of Counsel

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Kate is a dedicated advocate, stridently protecting your rights and while minimizing short- and long- term trauma to the parents and children. Kate works side-by-side with you every step of the way, minimizing stress by keeping you informed and learning more about your needs- this allows Kate and the client to work together to craft the best possible future for you (and your children, if any), post-divorce. Once retained, you are offered references for a team of experts to help smooth the divorce process and further improve the eventual outcome: financial experts, realtors, property assessors, and Psychologists for both adults and children- all vetted by Kate. Kate is both and advocate and an ally, working to create a better future for you.

For her entire career, Kate has focused her entire practice on Family Law. Kate is an experienced trial attorney, with five years of litigation work including complex custody agreement; high asset divorces including business valuations; abuse issues; and military divorces. Kate was a military spouse herself, and interned with the JAG corps during law school. As such, she has a unique and robust understanding of military benefits and their correct allocation at divorce. Before starting her firm in 2016, Kate was an Associate Attorney at a well-regarded Tacoma, WA family law firm. There, she learned how to deliver quality results while treating all parties with dignity and respect. 

Kate's personal dedication to her clients is evidenced by her past work with the Legal Aid Society of Hawaii, the Immigration Clinic at St. Mary's University School of Law, and by her ongoing involvement with Legal Aid of Eastern Missouri. She is a member of the Missouri Bar Association, the Women Lawyers' Association of Greater Saint Louis, and the Family Law Section of the Missouri Bar Association.

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